Terruhwrist "Orgasmic Intellectuals"
This is the debut from the king of conspiracy....TERRUHWRIST!!! If you are a fan of political or conspiracy theory hip hop, this release is for you!!! Incredible delivery, lyricism, and heart make this cd a must have for any hip hop fan!!!

"Midnight Horror Show" CD EP
featuring Big Dan & Terruhwrist pre-order!!

"You've bought a ticket to the Midnight Horror Show!" This EP is collaboration between Jacksonville Florida's self proclaimed king of the apocalypse, Big Dan The Magnus and NY's prince of conspiracy Terruhwrist! This collab is an amalgamation of musical styles with some grindhouse exploitation film flavor as a cherry on top! Pre-Order Now!!!
Release date is April 1st 2015!!!

Sick Brain
This is the debut album from the master of Late Night Double Feature Core hip hop!!

100% Used "Stick Figure Manifesto" EP
This is the debut 4 song e.p. by Hudson Valley acoustic rock monsters 100% Used!! This is a rare release as I think are only 2 of these left!!! This is their early softer sound pre-drums!!
(AFR:002) Tracklist

Project Hoagie EP
This 6 song ep from Orange County's Project Hoagie is an Amazing accomplishment! Hilarious lyrics with an acoustic punk edge! Get this one immediately!
(AFR:004) Tracklist

Meat Machine "Interstate 80"
This is the first full length cd from Meat Machine. Incredible Lo-Fi raw passion!! Check this cd out! Free with purchase of $10 or more!
(AFR:005) Tracklist

The Gregg "Happy Cake"
This is one of the greatest acoustic albums ever recorded as far as I'm concerned! Recorded in one night! RAW, DRUNK, POWERFUL, INCREDIBLE!
(AFR:008) Tracklist

100% Used "Artistic Liberty"
"Artistic Liberty" is the first and only full length cd by the now defunct 100% Used! This cd is a classic work of acoustic indie punk featuring most of this band's body of work. There is limited quantity so get em before they are gone forever!!
(AFR:012) Tracklist

Bad Horse "Achiever" EP
Somewhere between country and punk lives BAD HORSE!!! "Achiever" is the debut 6 song cd e.p. that showcases this incredible amalgamation!!!!! To hear tracks from "Achiever" go to
(AFR:015) Tracklist

Giant Spider DVD/ Giant Spider Album EP
Giant Spider DVD/ Giant Spider Album Digital Download card combo pack. Larger Image

AFR Bundle Pack option
The Acoustic Fury Records Bundle Pack is any 10 randomly picked AFR releases for only $25.00!!! This includes all CDs, DVDs, and apparel!! This is a $50-$100 value at only $25.00!!!!


Hollow Body Havok
"Hollow Body Havoc" is an original compilation featuring 20 tracks of acoustic bands including Mike Park, 100% Used, Xoch, Jaclyn Falk, The Gregg, Evan Greer, Project:Hoagie, and many more!
(AFR:001) Tracklist

"Acoustic A.D."
An Acoustic Tribute To The Misfits

Featuring 28 tracks of acoustic Misfits covers from bands like 100% Used, Brook Pridemore, Phineas and the Lonely Leaves, The Gregg, Thomas Scott Farrell, Project Hoagie and more.
(AFR:007) Tracklist

Pirate Cat Radio Live!! "The Neatest Noise"
"The Neatest Noise" is a culmination of some of the best live performances from the now closed PIRATE CAT RADIO. This compilation includes performances from The Dwarves, Ol' Cheeky Bastards, M.D.C., and Kepi Ghoulie to name a few!! LIMITED COPIES LEFT!! BUT IT NOW!!
(AFR:014) Tracklist

Sheena Is A Folk Rocker!?
An Acoustic Tribute To The Ramones

This tribute compiles some incredible bands and their takes on classic Ramones Tracks!!! Featuring: Bad Horse, Joe Jack Talcum, Ratboy, Nightmares For A Week, POPS, Stella Royale and more!!!!
(AFR:016) Tracklist


Metallor Montoya vs. Gorilla Monsoon
This is the first of the Acoustic Fury Records Split Series!!

Metallor Montoya is an automated jukebox from Mexico City built in the shape of a popular masked lucha libra wrestler. Gorilla Monsoon are two men that resemble simians and make music as if they were!! Nuff Said!!
(AFR:009) Tracklist

Thomas Scott Farrell/The Gregg
This is Acoustic Fury Records Split Series vol. 2!!

"Busted Wide Open" by Thomas Scott Farrell is an incredible journey into one man's past and present. Personal, honest, and raw. An incredible work of art!!!

"Brightest Day, Blackest Night" is the sophomore effort by The Gregg, and it delivers!! A great mix of the heart felt and the outrageous!! This split CD contains nearly 80 minutes of music!!!!
(AFR:010) Tracklist

Armed Suspects/Ol' Cheeky Bastards
This is Acoustic Fury Records Split Series vol. 3!!

"This Old Lonely Road" by Armed Suspects is one of my favorite releases on AFR!! Intense acoustic punk fueled by heart, rage, and Jack Daniels!!!

"Busker's Shiny Penny" by Ol' Cheeky Bastards hit's the other side of the acoustic punk coin. "Busker's" is a low-fi roller coaster of fun!!!
(AFR:011) Tracklist

Ratboy/Joe Jack Talcum
This is Acoustic Fury Records Split Series vol. 4!!

A review of Ratboy's "Back Roads To Start With" stated "The name Ratboy is dreadful, and the quirkiness a calculated con, but dammit all if it's not absolutely, undeniably loveable" That says it all about this release!

The same reviewer said "it all started sounding like some brilliant amphetamine-folk project fronted by the guy who sang for the Dead Milkmen, I didn't actually realize that's exactly what it was!" of Joe Jack Talcum's "Joe Jack Brand Talcum"
(AFR:013) Tracklist

POPS/Stella Royale
This is Acoustic Fury Records Split Series vol. 5 and the first AFR vinyl record release!!

This 7" record features the fun and blues infused "Maudie" by POPS and the ever haunting "When The Moon Sets Still" by Stella Royale! Comes with a free digital download card of both songs. This is also available at
(AFR:017) Tracklist


Fury Fest "A Day Of Hollow Body Havok"
This is a DVD of the CD release show for my first comp.

CD "Hollow Body Havoc" This dvd features live performces from Phineas & The Lonely Leaves, Jaclyn Falk, Project Hoagie, The Gregg, and the ONLY documented live performance by Gorilla Monsoon!!
(AFR:003) More Info

The Schematics Reunion Show
This is the reunion show of the Hudson Valley's Ska legends The Schematics!! This band was years of fun and gave me some of my best music memories!!! A MUST HAVE FOR ANY SKA FAN!!!
(AFR:006) More Info

The "Late Night Double Feature" DVD
w/ Bad Horse single CD

"The latest movie from Christopher R. Mihm featuring music from AFR's own Bad Horse!!! Comes with a free cd single of "Late Night Double Feature" by Bad Horse


Big Dan & The Blind Sasquatch White T-shirt
Available in M, L, XL, and 2XL.
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Big Dan & The Blind Sasquatch Black Hoodie
Black hoodie available in L, XL, and 2XL.
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